Phases of the Tax Calendar

Phases of the Appraisal Cycle are denoted by a yellow, green or purple background.

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The appraisal portions of the tax year consist of three distinct phases: the discovery phase, the analysis phase and the equalization phase.

The discovery phase is the time in which appraisers are out in the field inspecting properties for changes that might affect property value. The discovery phase lasts, roughly, from August through January.

The analysis phase consists of analyzing the information collected during the discovery phase. The analysis phase generally goes from January through March.

The equalization phase is the time in which property owners can meet with appraisers, or go before the Appraisal Review Board, to dispute the changes or value that appraisers have placed on their property. This portion of the appraisal cycle generally lasts from April through July.

To learn more about any of the phases of the appraisal cycle:
Discovery Phase
Analysis Phase
Equalization Phase

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