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About the Appraisal Review Board

Applications are currently being accepted for Appraisal Review Board members for the 2023 tax appeal season. More information can be found at

Fill out an application to apply to serve. You can apply online or paper applications can be picked up from our office at

Williamson Central Appraisal District
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In counties with a population of 120,000 or more the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is appointed by the local administrative District Judge. There is an application process prior to the appointment. The board members must be residents of the district and must have resided in the district for at least two years. The members of the board hold office for terms of two years beginning January 1st.

The ARB presides over the formal hearings during the appeals process, determining the market value of the property in question based on information presented to them by the property owner (or the owner’s agent) and the Appraisal District representative.

“The Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is a group of impartial citizens that serve as the judicial part of the protest system. The ARB is a separate and independent body from the Williamson Central Appraisal District and serves a different function. The ARB hears and resolves disputes over appraisal matters based on evidence provided by both the taxpayer and the Appraisal District. While this is a broad and important responsibility, the ARB must be sensitive to its legal and practical limits while adhering to Texas Property Tax Codes. The ARB has authority over matters submitted to it and has no role in the day to day operations of the appraisal office or in appraising property. Except where it is deciding a taxpayer protest, the ARB has no authority to change a value or change the appraisal records directly.”

For additional information about the Protest Phase, please visit our Protest Procedures page or watch our protest phase video in the Webcast Video section.

For additional information about the Appraisal Review Board, please visit our ARB members page.

For an application form for Appraisal Review Board Service, please visit our Applicants Sought for Appraisal Review Board Service page.

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