Disabled Veteran or Survivors of a Disabled Veteran

You qualify for this exemption if you are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and your service branch or the Veterans Administration has officially classified you as disabled with a percentage of 10% or more. You must be a Texas resident. Your application can apply to any one property you own on January 1 on which property taxes are assessed. You must complete an application and attach a copy of a current dated letter from the Veterans Administration reflecting the percent of disability awarded. You must file the application by April 30 or no later than one year after the delinquency date. A surviving spouse or child may also qualify to continue this exemption; a surviving spouse may continue the exemption if the survivor does not remarry. When the disabled veteran attains age 65, is totally blind in one or both eyes, or has lost the use of one or both limbs, they will qualify for 100% of the maximum exemption amount of $12,000 offered regardless of the disability percentage awarded by the V.A.

A surviving spouse or child of an armed forces member killed on active duty may qualify for this exemption. The surviving child, under age 18 and unmarried, or surviving spouse must be a Texas resident. An application must be completed along with a letter from the Veterans Administration showing the person died while on active duty, copy of your marriage license; a surviving child must attach a copy of proof of age and relationship to the deceased.

See the Texas Property Tax Code in Section 11.22 for more details. Download the application to get started, or you may contact our office at 512.930.3787 for more information.

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