The Protest Deadline for most property owners in Williamson County was May 15, 2023.

See your Notice of Appraised Value for your specific deadline.

Per Texas Property Tax Code 41.44(a)(1)

Street Level Imagery RFP Q & A

  1. What is the approximate number of residential and commercial parcels?
    • Approximately 165,000 residential parcels
    • Approximately 8,000 commercial parcels
  2. Regarding Section 1.1: Project Overview – “…eight (8) % of the District’s buildings having current images on the District CAMA file.”
    • Q: Does this mean the District does not need imagery of the 8%? If so will the District provide a list of these properties?
    • A: No. This figure is simply to illustrate the need for street level imagery. 8% represents about what is captured every year during regular field data collection.
  3. Regarding Section 2: Background Information – “All cadastral GIS data is currently maintained in an ESRI geodatabase that uses a tagged data model to model coincident boundaries.”
    • Q: Can District provide us an example of the ESRI geodatabase that uses a tagged data model to model coincident boundaries?
    • A: This information was intended as background info to demonstrate that WCAD has a modern GIS architecture. The tagged data model will not prove very useful as a proprietary system is needed to work in the data model. Geo-spatial data, such as parcels, entity boundaries, etc… can be downloaded from WCAD’s website at
  4. Regarding Section 3.1: Scope of Services – “The scope of service is to photograph and store pictures of the front-face of all buildings for all properties in the District. Also, adhere to the naming convention to match the District’s current system and integrate into our database.”
    • Q: Photograph and Store all primary buildings only or secondary and out-buildings as well?
    • A: WCAD desires to have a current photo of all buildings visible from public streets.
    • Q: What is the total number of buildings?
    • A: Approximately 250,000.
    • Q: Can the District provide building-outlines/footprints of all structures in an electronic (shapefile) format?
    • A: Yes, to the extent of what was available as of the last time building footprints were generated.
    • Q: Will the District provide an example of the existing naming convention and an example of the database?
    • A: The naming convention would look something like “accountNumber.jpg” for primary images, while secondary images would have a an underscore followed by an index (_b, _c, etc…) appended to the account number.
  5. Regarding Section 3.2.1: Implementation – “Imagery is to have GPS location and azimuth (photo direction).”
    • Q: Is the azimuth from the direction of the vehicle to the building or the building to the vehicle?
    • A: Azimuth is in reference to the direction the camera is pointing.
    • Q: Does the District want the GPS location of the Camera location and/or the front door of the building?
    • A: Both.
    • Q: Are vehicles to stay on Public Right-of-ways only or will they be allowed to enter all properties unless sign-posted?
    • A: Vehicles are to stay in public right-of-way.
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