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Here are a few documents that might be helpful:

Certified/Supplement Roll File Layout
Property Data Export File Layout
Additional Open Records File Layout
File Layout for the tables updated daily


WCAD’s data is presented in various formats and file types.  Click on a data type below to view all of the downloadable content available within it.

Certified Data Preliminary Data Historical Data GIS Data Agent Data


Due to size limitations we will no longer be offering data in an MDB format. The 17 Tables that were previously available through MS Access are now available through text files.


Name Description Type Size Posted Download
2020 Text Files Text files of 17 tables TXT 140 MB Weekly txt-dl
Additional Data Frequently requested open records data. Contains seven related tables: document info, permits, appeals, supplement summary, property link info, and process summary info. TXT 78 KB Weekly  txt-dl
Property Data Export Five related tables will be updated monthly. TXT 71 KB Weekly txt-dl
Ownership The ownership table will be updated daily. This is a comma delimited owner table, the origional data may contain some commas that have been changed to pipe to allow this table as a CSV. For a txt file, save the csv and rename it as Owner.txt. CSV 74 KB Daily excel-dl
Exemptions This is a comma delimited exemption table. CSV 35 KB Daily excel-dl
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