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Changes To The 2021 Notice Of Appraised Value

Your 2021 Notice of Appraised Value (NOAV) will have a couple of major changes from prior years.

First, you will notice that the estimate of taxes was removed from the notice. In 2019 the State Legislature passed Senate Bill 2 which allowed Appraisal Districts to remove the inaccurate estimate of taxes that was based on the previous year’s tax rates to a more accurate website set up to make the whole tax process more transparent. In Williamson County, that website is and is host to certified appraised values as well as the most current tax rates for each entity and a listing of tax rate hearing dates. The information on that site will be updated as values are certified, and tax rate hearing dates and tax rates are set by the taxing entities. A post card will be sent in early August to all property owners in Williamson County reminding them of this website. We believe this is a much better system because not only do you have the opportunity to meet with an appraiser to discuss, and protest your appraised value, you now have a single point of information letting you know how and when you will be able to discuss tax rates with the governing bodies responsible for setting them.

If you wish to have an estimate of taxes calculated for you before certified values and updated tax rates are posted to then the Williamson County Tax Office has a tax estimator that will allow you to enter a custom property value. Be sure to use your assessed value, not market value, to get an estimate that will include any exemptions you might have on your property. You can find the Tax Office’s tax estimator by searching for a property on their website ( and clicking the Estimate Taxes button toward the top of the property details page.

The second change we made this year was to include sales comparison grids in over 140,000 Notices of Appraised Value. These “comp grids” show the properties and sales we used to value the subject property. We are proud to say that we are the first Appraisal District in the state to make such a move toward transparency. For more information on understanding how to read your sales comparison grid visit

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