Business Personal Property Rendition

 Transcript This video provides information about the Business Personal Property Rendition – a form that gives the Appraisal District information about the inventory and assets owned by a business. Renditions are confidential and must be filed annually. The description below and the link on the screen, points to a document with step-by-step instructions on […]

Residence Homestead Exemption Information

Transcript This presentation provides information about the Residence Homestead Exemption and other exemptions found on application Form 50-114, and details on the filing process. The link in the transcript below leads to a document with step-by-step instructions on how to locate, fill out, and file the exemption application. A homestead is defined as a […]

Property Tax Town Hall Video – 2019

Transcript On April 16th, 2019 the Williamson County Tax Office and WCAD hosted a town hall meeting to discuss the Texas property tax system and what property owners can do to affect their tax bills. Larry Gonzales – Former Representative of the Texas House of Representatives It’s 6:30, so we’re going to go ahead and […]

Agricultural Valuation

Transcript The agricultural valuation is a special valuation that allows the property to be appraised based on the land’s capacity to produce agricultural products. For value purposes, if approved, the agriculture valuation, supersedes the established market value on the portion of land for which it was applied. The productivity value for the agriculture valuation may […]

Property Inspection

Transcript The following presentation is intended to illustrate activities appraisers are typically performing during the Property Inspection phase of the appraisal cycle. The most common are measuring new or existing structures and translating the measurements into sketches. Additionally, an appraiser identifies and records relevant characteristics of new properties, inspects and updates information on existing properties, […]

The Protest Phase

Transcript The following presentation is provided to educate Williamson County residential property owners about what takes place during the protest phase of the appraisal year. Mailing the majority of residential value notices at the beginning of April provides the appraisal district the capability to utilize the rest of the month to informally meet with property […]

Who are WCAD Appraisers

Transcript So there is a lot of misunderstanding about the role of appraisers, and how they affect the property tax that homeowners pay. When someone hears the term appraiser, they seem to think of a scary figure reaching for their wallet. Not so. Appraisers don’t set tax rates. Appraisers don’t chase tax dollars. An appraiser […]

How to File a Protest

 Transcript The Williamson Central Appraisal District present: How to file a protest. The protest phase begins each year when the appraisal notices are delivered to property owners. Section 41.41 of the Texas Property Tax Code defines actions a property owner is entitled to protest. Reasons are also listed on the protest form that accompanies […]

Residential Valuation

 Transcript The Williamson Central Appraisal District presents: Residential valuation. The following presentation is provided to educate Williamson County residential property owners about the analysis & valuation phase of the appraisal year. Information will be provided about the mass appraisal process utilized to value residential property. The application of ratio studies and other common statistical […]

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